Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Use Google Compare Search to Show Food Nutrition

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Making good food choices can be hard.

It's difficult to know the nutritional value of foods, especially those that have been prepared at home.

Google has a very useful tool to compare the nutritional value of foods.

What if you're wondering which is better for you, a slice of pumpkin pie or a cup of chopped kale?

One Cool Tip - http://www.onecooltip.com
It's a quick tool to show you calories, fat, sodium, vitamins and other nutrition facts.

There you have it.

The cold hard facts.

Pumpkin pie wins on comfort and deliciousness.  

Kale wins on nutrition.  Yay Kale.

Here's how to compare foods using the Google search.

From the Google search page or Chrome browser box, enter your search in the following example:
"Compare pumpkin pie and kale"

This Google "compare" search also works with the mobile Google search app for iOS and Android devices.



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