Saturday, August 1, 2015

Use the Space Bar to Scroll Down a Web Page

I Didn't Know That! -
Did you know there's an easy way to scroll down when viewing a web page?

Works on every browser and every computer.

Just press the <space bar> key to advance a screen.

No more using the mouse and scrolling down one line at a time to see more of a web page.

Space Bar

To scroll up a web page, press and hold the <shift> and <space bar> keys.

There are a few other navigation tips that generally also work (but not always on every browser or computer):
  • <Page Up> to scroll up one screen of a web page.
  • <Page Down> to scroll down one screen of a web page.
  • <Home> to go to the top of a web page.
  • <End> to go to the bottom of a web page.

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