Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top Secret YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTube One Cool Tip
YouTube is a phenomenal site to watch a variety of videos.

Millions upon millions of videos are available.

There are hidden keyboard commands that make watching easier,

These shortcuts can be used when not in full-screen mode.  M (mute) and the Space Bar (Play/Pause) can be used anytime.

Top Secret You Tube Keyboard Shortcuts

- Space Bar   Play / Pause

- J    Jump back 10 seconds.
- K   Play / Pause
- L   Jump forward 10 seconds
- M  Mute audio
- <--    --> (left/right arrow keys)  rewind and fast forward
- Home   Go to beginning
- End   Go to end

0  Jump to beginning of the video
1  Jump to 10% of the video
2  Jump to 20% of the video
3  Jump to 30% of the video
4  Jump to 40% of the video
5  Jump to 50% of the video
6  Jump to 60% of the video
7  Jump to 70% of the video
8  Jump to 80% of the video
9  Jump to 90% of the video

Try these out the next time you are watching YouTube.  Hint:  You'll need to mouse click into the video at least once to ensure the shortcuts can affect the video playback.

And don't forget to try these cool shortcuts when you are watching Netflix.



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