Monday, August 31, 2015

Coolest Tips in August 2015

August has been a very busy month with thousands of visitors and page views.

Some of the Cool Tips have really taken off and have been shared and viewed by thousands.

So it's worth taking note to look at the Coolest Tips for August 2015:
(based upon page views in August 2015)

Invoke GodMode in Windows 10
Don't drive yourself crazy searching through the Control Panel looking for the screen where you can make a settings change in Windows 10.  By invoking GodMode, you can get a super Control Panel window that has all of the options in one neat place.

Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome Browser
Another cool tech tip that went viral this week is a simple one.  When you accidentally close a tab in Chrome, you can easily reopen it just where you left off.  Learn how this to do this.

Siri, What Flights are Overhead?
Let Apple's personal assistant, Siri, identify the planes that are flying overhead.  It's a very cool trick.

Use Your iPhone Headphones to Take Photos
Learn how you can improve your photos by using your iPhone headphones as a remote shutter release.

Force Siri to Search Google
Siri has her own mind.  Tell her to use Google on her next search!

One Cool
Cool Tech Tips for a Cooler Life!

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