Sunday, August 2, 2015

ICYMI: Space Bar, Power Point, Panera, Online Radio Stations, Netflix Keyboard Commands and Search a Site with Google

This has been a crazy busy week here at One Cool Tips.  Lots of readers sharing their ideas.  This week had a number of very Cool Tips to help you stay productive.  And maybe even enjoy your personal time too.

Do you know how you can save time by viewing a web page and scrolling up or down with just one key stroke?

How about making Power Point more useful when you need to momentarily turn the focus on to you the speaker?

If you are in a hurry, don't wait in line at Panera.  Learn how you can pre-order online to save time and hassles.

Do you miss a favorite radio station from around the country?  Learn how you can probably listen to it online.

If you are a Netflix fan, learn how you can use simple keyboard commands to enjoy the show even more!

And finally, learn how you can search most any site with Google to find the information you are looking for.

Here are this week's Cool Tips:

Use the Space Bar to Scroll Down a Web Page
Save time with this Cool Tip to scroll faster in a web page.

This Power Point Tip will Make You the Focus
Don't let your audience become distracted.  Learn this Cool Tip to keep the focus on you, the speaker.

Skip the Crowd, Order Online at Panera
Avoid the hassle and frustration of ordering at Panera by doing it online.

Listen to Your Favorite Radio Stations Online
Looking for interesting music, news or sports from around the country or the world?  Learn how you can find your favorite radio station online.

Netflix Keyboard Commands
Netflix offers great enjoyment for watching favorite TV shows and movies.  Learn to use these keyboard commands to making your show even more enjoyable.

Search a Site with Google
Let Google help you search a site for information.  Learn this Cool Tip to get you the information you want.


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