Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coolest Tips in June 2015

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It's been a busy month of June with the relaunch of www.OneCoolTip.com.

What have been the coolest tips in June 2015?

NASA Ring Tones Just Launched
This popular tip from 2008 zoomed to the top of June's list with thousands of views.  Who knew that NASA's sound files were so popular.  Learn how to use many famous sounds as ring tones for your mobile phone.

How Do I Get Windows 10 for Free?
The newest version of Windows is coming.  For many PC users, it can be a free upgrade.  Learn how you can get your free version.

Blocking Calls on Your Smart Phone
Ring Ring Ring.  Learn how you can block annoying calls to your mobile phone.

Snapseed: Google's Best Photo App You Don't Know About
Learn how Google's Snapseed app is the best mobile photo editor.

How to Restart Your iPhone or iPad
Learn how you can restart your iPhone or iPad for better performance or to recover when it is frozen.


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