Thursday, November 9, 2023

Drive Safer with the New Waze Crash History Feature

Are you a frequent Waze user?

Do you worry about encountering accidents on your daily commute?

Here's a Cool Tip. Waze Crash History.

Waze introduced a new feature, Waze Crash History, which is designed to enhance your driving experience and promote safer road conditions.

This innovative feature utilizes historical crash data and real-time reports from fellow Waze users to alert you about accident-prone areas along your route.

Here's how to use it.
  • Keep your Waze app updated to the latest version to access the Crash History feature.
  • Enable Crash History Alerts: Navigate to Settings Alerts & Reports > Reports > Enable "Alert while driving"
  • While driving, Waze will display alerts for roads with a history of crashes.

Waze Crash History Warning

fig. 1 - Waze Crash History Warning

A few notes:
  • Alerts may not appear for roads that you drive on frequently.
  • If your route has multiple roads with a history of crashes, Waze only alerts you of the most critical ones.
  • One alert may appear for multiple affected roads in the same area.

Check out Waze for your next driving adventure.

You can download Waze:  iPhone/iPad and Google Play.

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