Thursday, December 29, 2022

Dictate Your Masterpiece in Microsoft Word


Microsoft 365 Dictate Are you a poor typist or need extra assistance when typing?   

Microsoft 365 offers the ability to use your voice to type into its applications.
Here's how to do it in Microsoft Word:

  • Open Microsoft Word 365
  • Tap the Dictate icon from the Home menu
  • Wait for the Dictate function to be ready.

  • Start speaking!

Note: You need to use a mic-enabled device.  Headphones with a mic work best but even using the mic on a laptop brings good results.

Besides Word, you can dictate in other 365 apps.  Just look for the Dictate command.

Besides typing words, you can also issue commands for punctuation.  For example, you can say period (full stop), comma, question mark or similar other punctuation marks. 

You can also edit by saying backspace [1 - 100], delete [word or phrase], insert space or undo.

Finally, you can say Select word, characters, para, or select [phrase] to navigate and select.


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