Saturday, May 7, 2016

Looking for a Job? Search for Network Connections Using Facebook

Are you searching for a job or need an introduction to someone at a company?

It's not just LinkedIn that can help you land that cool new job or sales order.

Let the power of Facebook's search help you.

Facebook's powerful semantic search engine can be used to search for more than just keywords.

You can search for information about "friends of your friends". 

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook connections tend to be more personal friendships versus LinkedIn's business connections.  And that's key to your success.

You can use this to your advantage in a job search to find "friends of your friends" who work for a specific company.

Here's how to use Facebook to do this search. In the top search bar in Facebook, enter an entry such as "Friends of my friends who work at X" (where X is the name of the company")

Facebook semantic search friends of my friends who work at X company

Facebook will return a list of profiles of friends of your friends who work for that specific company.

Your friends can help you make those important introductions and connections.

Good luck!

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