Saturday, May 30, 2015

Take Back Your Inbox with Google Inbox

Google Inbox, an alternative format for its popular Gmail service, is now open to all users.

Google Inbox has been in testing for the past several months and opening it up to all users will allow more users to experience the beauty of "smart" email.

So what does it do?  Inbox lets you take control of your email inbox.   Messages are grouped together.  Reminders are easily set.  You can view relevant images from the web.  All from the same screen.  It's a modern and refreshing take on how an email Inbox should work.

Check out the video from Google:

If you use Gmail, Inbox is a welcomed addition.

And you can easily use both regular Gmail and Google Inbox.

Google Inbox is available from the web and mobile for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

You can download the app at

Source: Google


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