Saturday, January 30, 2016

Facebook's New Live Video Streaming Takes on Periscope

One Cool Tip -
Facebook has released a new live streaming tool this week that competes with the popular live streaming app Periscope.

We've told you about Periscope---the popular app that lets users broadcast live from a smartphone.

Previously only available to celebrities and other verified prominent Facebook users, Live Video allows users to stream live video to their Facebook connections.

When finished, the video posts to your newsfeed.

The new feature is only available to users in the US using the iPhone Facebook app.  But other devices and locations will be soon available

One Cool Tip -

To use Live Video, tap on the Status Update and then tap the Live Video icon.  Write a description and choose your audience.  While broadcasting you'll see the number of live viewers, the names of your friends watching and real-time comments.

By offering this feature, Facebook brings video live streaming to a wider audience.  It'll be new to many users.  

Will we be soon watching live video from friends rather than just viewing selfies?

Is it something that you'll use?  

Check it out.

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